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Cosmetic market: a unique digital identity for the complete traceability of each product
Cosmetic market: a unique digital identity for the complete traceability of each product

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09 Сентябрь 2021

Cosmetic market: a unique digital identity for the complete traceability of each product

Digitalization and sustainability are key elements for the recovery of the sector

In the cosmetic market, digitalization is ready to play a fundamental role to guarantee the traceability of the products and to communicate to the consumer the transparency and sustainability of the processes.


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In this direction, Antares Vision Group provides enabling technologies for the digitalization of production, with the aim of ensuring quality, integrity, efficiency, sustainability, and safety of products and, consequently, people.

transparency of the cosmetics supply chain


A real revolution in the supply chain, thanks to the creation of a unique digital identity for each product, which is created through the generation of a unique serial code that is associated to the single unit produced, packaged, and sold. In this way, it is possible to monitor at multiple levels (from the single unit of sellable product to the lot to the different types of packaging) through end-to-end traceability. The unique digital identity ensures transparency and quality from raw materials to the final consumer. More than that it offers brand protection, fighting against counterfeiting and grey markets. Information about the supply chain, in fact, as well as the protection of authenticity, become an important part of the reputation of a brand and the relationship with the final consumer.

Antares Vision Group is a unique reference partner for a particularly demanding industry sector such as cosmetics, both from the point of view of consumers, who are increasingly informed and aware, and from that of manufacturers and brands, whose challenges concern efficiency and optimization, but also the sustainability of products and the supply chain.


Since last June, moreover, Antares Vision Group is member of the Polo Tecnologico della Cosmesi, the Association formed by companies representing the entire supply chain of the cosmetics and make-up market.

"Technological innovation, a strategic driver of the company's growth, is the basis of our membership in the Polo della Cosmesi, with the aim of supporting the network of members and the entire Italian industrial sector in the digitalization of production systems and supply chain," explained Emidio Zorzella, President and CEO of Antares Vision Group.


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